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The IoT Cloud Platform from Xpand connects developers and enterprises across a one-stop unified IoT platform. So whether you're building IoT-enabled devices or looking for the perfect business solutions, Xpand IoT Cloud Platform is the place for you.

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What can you expect with Xpand IoT Cloud Platform?

Gain access to 350 million people across 11 countries through Axiata.
Enjoy a convenient plug and play model to add and control new devices via the portal/app.
Use the best-in-breed devices across brands rather than be limited to the devices available to your control hub brand.
Integrate with devices and data sources to create your own services.
Combine data sources from different devices and systems to create complex scenarios.
Leverage telco infrastructure to access additional services such as SMS and email notifications.
Enterprises can enjoy multi-tenant support, grouping users into categories and serving different devices and event flows to each, with complex logic and algorithms.
Smart analytics tools allow for sophisticated use of devices in a manner that minimises cost and maximises productivity.

Xpect an IoT platform unlike any other.

Xpand IoT Cloud Platform features a wide range of applications for you.

Device Management
Connectivity Management
Security Management
OSS/BSS Management
App/Idea Marketplace
Analytics and Reporting
Consumer Applications
Vertical Business Solutions
3rd Party Service Integration